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Pumping Septic Tanks and Sewers for Stockton Homes and Businesses

Septic tank cleaning
While many people use municipal sewer systems to dispose of waste, some homes and businesses aren’t eligible for this public utility. For properties that rely on underground tanks to process sewage, frequent maintenance is necessary for effective operation. Bacteria digest many of the solids, but the leftovers settle to the bottom and form a layer of sludge, which must eventually be removed by a professional septic tank pumping company. Roto-Rooter Plumbing has been providing this service to residential and commercial customers throughout Stockton since 1935, and we can help you care for this important waste management system.

We Also Offer Cleaning Service for Grease Traps

Since fat, oil and grease are the main culprits behind sewer blockages, many municipalities require restaurants and other businesses to install special systems to prevent these substances from entering the wastewater network. These devices are generally separated into two categories: smaller indoor traps and large outdoor interceptors. When the tanks fill, a grease trap pumping company will scrub and vacuum every part of the unit and take the refuse away for recycling. The process is generally the same whether you have a small interior unit or you require grease interceptor tank service.

Keep Your Systems Working Properly

If your home or business is in the Stockton area, trust Roto-Rooter Plumbing whenever you need pumping of your septic system or FOG capture device. Without proper care and maintenance, these units can back up, and that could lead to complications ranging from unpleasant odors to destructive water and sewer damage to your building. Why run the risk of a major repair by skipping regular grease trap cleaning? To schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians or learn more about our plumbing company, call us at 209-465-2616 today.