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Expertly Cleaning Sewer Lines for Stockton Homes and Businesses

Cleaning Sewer Lines
It’s easy not to think about your sewer system … until you’ve got a problem. Malfunctions can have many different causes, including tree roots in sewer line pipes or a severely clogged pipe indoors. Sewage backup and other issues might also result from structural problems in your pipes: corrosion, deterioration, misalignment, broken seals or cracking. When it happens, you have no idea how to unclog the lines or fix the trouble. You might not know the difference between an auger, a rooter or a snake. Thankfully, Roto-Rooter Plumbing does. That’s why you should call us for sewer line cleaning service in Stockton and the surrounding area. Beginning with a line cleaning to diagnose the origin of your problem, we then use a variety of equipment, including a camera inspection, to clean out your lines or to make pipe repairs and replacements as needed. 

We Offer Trenchless Repairs as Well

Once we’ve identified your sewer issues, we have many options we can use to get you back up and running. Trenchless sewer repair avoids the high costs and inconvenience associated with digging up your property and surrounding land. Trenchless sewer replacement and repair are ideal choices for underground lines, blocked or cracked pipes, damaged caused by weather, or even improperly installed lines. We employ this method to save you time and money, as well as avoid digging up your yard and landscaping. Our visiting technicians will perform a full diagnosis to determine whether it’s the most effective method to solve your plumbing problems.

Trusted Professionals Serving San Joaquin County

Since 1935, Roto-Rooter Plumbing has served San Joaquin County with a full menu of plumbing services, including everything from pipe locating to plumbing camera inspection. Our company is happy to help with any line or sewer difficulties, so we can get you back on track as quickly as possible. Call us today at 209-465-2616 for service in the Stockton area and surrounding areas.