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Our Hydrovac System Makes Safe Excavation Simple for Stockton Projects

Hydrovac System
Safe excavation methods are a must for pipelines, utility lines and electrical systems. One misstep, and you could inadvertently disconnect services to hundreds or thousands of people. Even worse, you could create a major safety hazard with the potential to injure or kill crew members and civilians. Not only that, but a mistake might also cause property damage and environmental ruin. To avoid these outcomes, as well as the associated financial liability and legal penalties, the most optimal method at your disposal is hydro excavation. That’s exactly why Roto-Rooter Plumbing offers Hydrovac excavation, using their high degree of expertise and skill to satisfy the needs of customers in Stockton and surrounding areas.
Knowing how this nondestructive technique works is the key to understanding why it’s so beneficial. It employs pressurized water and a very powerful vacuum to create holes, trenches and slots. The pressurized water moves soil while the vacuum simultaneously removes the loosened dirt. That means it's a better alternative to backhoes or other equipment because it avoids puncturing or ripping critical infrastructure buried in the ground. We are able to clear lines 6-8" and up. Additionally, it's a far less harmful method for a crew to use, as it significantly reduces the chance of injuries occurring at the work site. All in all, it's a safer, more precise technology that leads to fewer work stoppages and reduced liability – which translates into lower project costs.

Professional Service in the San Joaquin County Area

Since 1935, Roto-Rooter Plumbing has served the Stockton area with a full menu of services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Why not trust us for all your plumbing needs and more, including hydrojetting service? We’re a local company employing a cadre of skilled technicians focused on meeting your needs. For an unmatched level of service, call us today at 209-465-2616.