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Using Video Cameras to Inspect Sewer Line Blockages

Camera Inspection
You can’t see what’s in your sewer system or the potential problems lurking in each pipe. The truth is, anything could be lurking down there causing sewer backups or other issues later. Thankfully, modern technology has advanced quite a bit in the last 50 years. Video camera line inspection is an innovative method that allows plumbing professionals to determine the current condition of your pipelines. That’s how Roto-Rooter Plumbing catches most problems before they even start and finds the root cause of existing sewer issues to effectively target and fix them. That’s why it makes sense to call us first when you’ve got a malfunctioning sewer system.

How This Technology Benefits You

Video camera sewer line inspection is a groundbreaking technology that’s about five decades in the making. Beginning in the 1960s, municipal water and sewer systems utilized closed-circuit cameras for the first time to remotely view underground pipes and other structures. Since then, visual imaging technologies have advanced considerably. Now, these ultramodern devices are easily mounted on equipment that lowers them underground to catch such problems as tree root intrusions and clogs, as well as infrastructure issues such as broken, corroded, misaligned, cracked or leaking pipes. We love using cutting-edge methods like these because they save you time and money. We’re able to more exactly pinpoint your sewer issue, potentially avoiding the cost and mess replacing a pipe.

Diagnostic Services in San Joaquin County

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